There are few organizations in Iraq that can offer the prospective investor as wide spectrum of support as provided by Harlow Support Services, subsidiary of Harlow international. With a track record of successfully supporting billions of dollars investment into variety of projects, we are credible, established and high performing organization that offers a portfolio of services for prospective investor. These services have one objective – supporting our client commercial success in Iraq.

Consultancy: Decision making is best conducted from a solid foundation of credible and relevant information provided by sector experts who have highest level of strategic credibility. Harlow Support Services has legitimate and proven access to relevant information that can positively affect investor susses.

Investment: Investment in Iraq continues briskly, with many multinational players injecting billions of dollars into the country. Harlow Support Services specialises in working closely with external investors interested in Iraq. With the able assistance of our management division we successfully manage of a wide range of projects, including the multi-billion dollar Bismayah project, providing power engineering, electricity and water and accommodation services.

Future projects: Harlow Support Services is keen to encourage long term foreign investment, whether in telecommunications, oil and gas, electricity, health, agriculture, housing and construction, industry and manufacturing, or Higher Education. This marries with government policy, which in its 2006 legislation secured foreign investors the same rights as Iraqis.