16 Aug 2015
Subcontract Engineer
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Subcontract Engineers



Pre-qualification, tendering and finalization of Subcontracts (both during proposal and execution stage).

Subcontracts administration.

Handle contractual, legal, commercial and insurance issues related to subcontracts and with lower tier subcontractors.

Ensure that contractual and commercial matters are handled efficiently by minimizing claims from the subcontractors.



Primary duties:


Proposal Stage


  1. Carry out regular evaluation of sub-contractors and maintain an updated Subcontractor database.
  2. Support Proposals by obtaining offers from Subcontractors on a back to back basis for construction and other services.
  3. Conclude partnering agreements with Subcontractors, where required.


Execution Stage


  1. Tendering and finalization of Subcontracts.
  2. Administration of Subcontracts.
  3. Handling of E & P issues of Subcontractor in close co-ordination with EP team and Scope clarifications with EP team.
  4. Handling of Subcontractors’ VOR’s including scope disputes and close out in conjunction with Subcontracts Manager
  5. Correspondence and meetings with Subcontractors and actions /close out.
  6. Quantity measurements and certification at site.
  7. Maintain record and track BOQ measurement (BOQ)/MTO according to the approved drawings.
  8. Check, verify and maintain record of built/site measurements and quantification for further approval of the Subcontracts Manager.
  9. Re-measure and verify the work accomplished by the Subcontractors and, wherever possible, try to minimize and control additional quantities claimed by the subcontractors.
  10. Verification of Subcontractors’ Invoices
  11. Payment Certification
  12. Administration of back-charges to Subcontractors



  1. Preparation of additional Subcontract Agreements/Work Orders with Third Parties in case of default of scope of work on the part of main subcontractors.
  2. Input for budgeting and Cost Control
  3. Assist Construction Management Team on contractual matters related to Client
  4. Assist site team on scope of work and split of responsibility
  5. Identification of Subcontractors’ weakness and corrective measures
  6. Assistance to Subcontractor for providing services on request
  7. Monitor payment to Subcontractors, lower tier Subcontractors, personnel and cash-flow.
  8. Participation in financial/Contractual Audits.
  9. Monitor incentive schemes with Subcontractors


A graduate university degree in Engineering or Administration with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the sub contracts administration function, with experience in oil and gas industry.

Required Skills
  • Oil & Gas