Manpower and recruitment: Extensive database of local and expat contractors. Recruitment process is best in class. The database is focused on the following markets. Oil & Gas: Project Management, Technical engineering, Commissioning, NDT teams, Process engineers, G&G, Drilling and completions, Well interventions, Finance and Accounts, Field services, HR.
Security: Team leader, 1st Tier Medics, LN and TCN teams, Drivers, all MOI approved.
Background checks for local employees.

Visa service: 6-12 month multiple entry visas. Residency, blood test arrangements. We can also provide single entry emergency visas where necessary to existing clients. Entry visa and work permit support and implementation for large projects,; we can arrange for visa on arrival.
Local support for taxes, and payroll: We can run weekly, monthly payroll. All taxes and social security payments are deducted at source. and tax certificates provided. HSE&S compliant. Full NEBOSH level HSE&S in place.
Workforce protection and accommodation: We have all levels of accommodation from camp facilities to luxury. Fully catered, laundry service, gym facilities, internet connection and secure. We have our own security company (ATS109) that provides full teams for transport in country with the largest fleet of B6 armoured vehicles.
Meet & Greet Service: Available at both Basra and Baghdad airports.
International Travel:  In house travel team with flights and journey management team. We would coordinate all flights for rotation and non-rotation staff. We would also provide a full Security package in liaison with your security protocol. 
Health screening: Pre mobilisation.
Project location safety and security induction: This is provided in groups or an induction pack - per project. 
Inoculations: Where required, we would coordinate.
Medical insurance: All our contractors are provided with full Medivac insurance and life and PI
Pre-mobilisation briefing: For challenging environments such as Iraq, we would coordinate with your internal security teams to ensure correct protocol is adhered to.

Host country compliant employment contracts.